About GRO

Our Mission Statement

To actively promote the growing awareness of Reflexology and to support the competence of professional Reflexologists in the state of Georgia.

Our Goals

  • To standardize the profession of Reflexology in the state of Georgia (in accordance with national standards).
  • To offer a strong support to all reflexologists.
  • To provide a forum for education.
  • To provide a resource and referral service to the public.

Why Join GRO?

The Georgia Reflexology Organization is a professional organization dedicated to excellence in the field of Reflexology.  The Organization offers its members an opportunity for continued training in Reflexology theory, practical techniques and other related topics.  Our current committees are Charter Group, Continuing Education, Networking, Legislative, and Newsletter.  Membership entitles you to a membership card, a quarterly newsletter with meeting dates and topics of interest to you as a practitioner as well as discounts on educational events or conferences sponsored by GRO. 

We encourage all members to Get Involved!!!